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Lava Shell Massage

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Daxa Health & Beauty takes the lead in Lava Shell massages, the most indulgent massages ever.

    Harrods has it…and so does Daxa Health & Beauty in Braunston!

    Introducing one of the most indulgent massages ever!

    Tiger clam shells are used to deeply relax and warm tired aching muscles whilst alleviating stress. Particular attention is given to the stomach area, where specialist massage movements reduce toxins and bloating to give an effective natural colonic cleanse; a truly relaxing therapy.

    Daxa Health & Beauty in Braunston is one of the select few independent salons to have been trained in the art of Lava Shell Massages, for an unforgettable and sublime experience, so book now!

    Certain chronic conditions, may require more than one session to treat.
    A course of four to six sessions is recommended. 
    Beautiful home kits are available to continue the experience!
    Please ask for details regarding both of the above.

    Full body incl. stomach, Full body excl. stomach, Lava Back, Lava Recovery, Lava Glacial Detox- stomach & legs

    2 reviews for Lava Shell Massage

    1. admin

      Time to unwind and totally relax. The shell heat makes the massage feel deeper, soothes muscles and mind, ready to face the world! Abigail Jardine

    2. sharon

      Amazing experience, relaxing, soothing and I did not want it to end!

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