iBeauty Signature Solution


A new treatment experience, combining 4 in 1 innovative technologies with proven efficacy and stunning results.  Sought after iBeauty Signature Facial is a perfect unison of Daxa’s deeply holistic approach to her facials.

The most advanced facial with vibrations for deep cleanse, ultrasound waves; drainage/infusion/stimulating, and radio frequency to tighten and plump. To stimulate protein synthesis, and increase collagen for elastin formation.


iBeauty +4 in 1 super facial, our newest and the most advanced facial around!

Daxa’s truly bespoke facial is complete, cutting edge in aesthetic skincare. Thalgo iBeauty technology a new generation of beauty facials; combines four innovative, non-invasive, non-aggressive and completely safe technologies for ultimate facial results with a range of elements.

Sound Vibrations The new generation of aesthetic peel: low frequency ultrasound vibrates its spatula to achieve in-depth exfoliation, which effectively cleanses, exfoliates and purifies the skin.

Sequential Ultrasound A original concentration of technologies for optimum correction: the evolving vibration waves generated by iBeauty enables either detoxification to reactivate cellular metabolism, or infusion of the active ingredients of the products for improved absorption, or stimulation for boosted cell regeneration. 

Tripolar Radio-frequency The latest anti-ageing technology directly derived from aesthetic medicine. Its high frequency micro-current induces tissue heating, to regenerate, plump and firms the skin. Its tripolar probe provides heat control for perfect safety.

New treatment addition to the iBeauty – Wrinkle Corrector, the anti-ageing treatment can be a add on to Signature Skin Solution treatment. This uses the brand’s new marine cosmetic product iSmooth with the machine’s ultrasound technology in fibrolysis mode, to target fine lines on the face.

The iSmooth’s blended formula of hyaluronic acid, chrondrus crispus algae extract and spcialist anti-ageing peptide duo reactivates the skin’s regeneration process, smoothing skin texture and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

**Add on: Wrinkle corrector treatment as an extension for an even more targeted treatment.

**Add on: Luxury mask & massage to increased hydration and relaxation.


iBeauty Signature, Add on: Wrinkle Corrector, Add on: Luxury Mask & Massage, Course of 6 iBeauty Signature Facials


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