• Spa Find – Dream Facial

    Spa Find Dream Facial is the ultimate treatment to help you switch off completely, whilst giving amazing anti-ageing and skin-brightening results.  A combination of meadowfoam and rosehip oil used to restore radiance and soothing lavender to relax an overactive mind into a state of deep relaxation.  Your skin will glow and your mind will be rested, all the elements required for a good night’s sleep!

    Stressed, sleep deprived effecting your wellbeing and metal health then this is special facial when its hard to recharge and disconnect.

    Even more excitingly, you can now experience the Dream Facial at Daxa Health & Beauty, with 15% off from 23rd November – 14th December.

    Do Sleep Treatments work?  Read the Spa Spies blog following their Spa Find Sleep Therapy Dream Facial.



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